Английская версия ноябрьского номера ЗР

Английская версия ноябрьского номера ЗР

3 CLOSE-UP. Editor-in-chief’s message.

18-26 NEWS. Renault Megane, Lancia Delta, Trident Iceni, VW Robust, Ford Ka, Jetstream Extreme SC250.


28-38 ТESТ. Renault Koleos, Ford Kuga, Volkswagen Tiguan – three crossovers of most interesting «popular» brands. The cars demonstrated very close scores: Renault missed only one tenth to catch second place, and Ford – two tenths to be on the pole. Volkswagen won due to good balance of car features, thought-out construction and good quality of execution.

40-42 OUR ACQUAINTANCE. KIA Cee’d 3D. Three-doors version – combination of sporty look, good interior capacity, excessive steering nervousness and middling comfort.

44-46 PRESENTATION. Subaru Forester with diesel engine proved to be not only an agile and fuel sparing car but also a pretty comfortable one.

48-54 PRESENTATION. BMW 3-series. Renewed model didn’t lose ride qualities and became one of the most advanced in electronic equipment.

56-62 PRESENTATION. Volkswagen Golf. The car looks well-known, and its dimensions remained near the same, but the inside was greatly renewed. Under the bonnet – new engines and DSG gearbox, not long ago attributed only to sporty cars.

64-68 PRESENTATION. Hummer H2, H3. Cars of the model year 2009 got new V8 engine, revised steering and – as option – locking front differential.

70-72 PRESENTATION. Renault Symbol now delivered from its main problem – unattractive look. Most of the rest (advantages as well as disadvantages) devolved by succession.

76-88 ТESТ. Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana, Skoda Superb. On the last place – Toyota Camry to show the decent level of comfort but some lack of steering response. Nissan Teana preserving the good level of comfort scored points in controllability. Skoda Superb leads. German school product is rich of options, has attractive design and good finishing.

92-96 PRESENTATION. Citroёn C4: despite of contradictory solutions the car arrives harmonious and attractive.

98-100 CAR FOR AN HOUR. IVECO Campagnola – three-doors variant of IVECO Massif for off-road professionals.

102-106 DIARY. A week with Jeep Cherokee.

110-114 PRESENTATION. Audi A6. Renewed Audi A6: two types of body, ten versions of engine, possibility of all wheel drive solution and a lot of modern electronics. To investigate all these features one day is not enough.

118-126 ТESТ. Infiniti FX45, BMW X6. Sport coupe, crossover or estate car – what is dominant? BMW X6 beat Infiniti FX45 by amount of riding qualities.

128-130 CAR FOR AN HOUR. Lada Premier. The concept of the car didn’t change: it’s a stretch sedan rich in options.

132-136 HIGH CLASS. Ferrari F430 Scuderia – Formula 1 for everyday use for 210 000 euro.


140-141 "Please remain on the line". Police call service functioning.

142 DIALOGUE ON FIRST WEDNESDAY. Editor-in-chief’s Internet conference selected quotes.

143-144 YOU WROTE. Readers’ letters, articles discussion.


146-152 FAMILY. Lada Samara.

154-158 DEALERS NEWS. Aston Martin DBS; Alfa-Romeo MiTo; Vortex Estina; FIAT 500; Volkswagen Passat CC. OPENED. GOOD DEAL.

160-166 IN DETAILS. Daewoo Matiz (1998-2008): choice and use.

168-170 RAID. Waiting list for foreign brand cars.

172-174 MARKET ROW. Brilliance: positions and perspectives on Russian market.

176-177 ZR’S CAR PARK. Chery Amulet.

178-180 ZR’S CAR PARK. Hyundai Getz.

182-186 VERSIONS. Mazda 3 from different markets.

188-192 REVIEW. Real off-road cars.


194-198 EXAMINATION. Car fire extinguisher (7 specimens).


202-204 EXAMINATION. Spark plugs with preflare effect («Plazmofor-Super»).


208-209 ON THE COUNTER. Pumps and compressors.

210-218 ТESТ. Non-studdable winter tires 255/55R18 SUV (7 models).

220-222 ELECTRONICS ON BOARD. Protection. Weaknesses of car anti-hijack systems.

224-226 EXHIBITIONS. Automechanika-2008. Exhibit of 20th exhibition in Frankfurt: car diagnostic, repair and service equipment, parking solutions.


228-238 MONDIAL OF PARIS-2008. Toyota iQ, Ford Ka, FIAT Bravo, Audi A1, VW Golf GTi, Skoda Octavia, Hyundai i20, Mazda Kyora, Chevrolet Camaro, Seat Exeo, Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon, BMW X1, KIA Soul, Peugeot 308CC, Renault Laguna, Ferrari California, Lamborghini Estoque, Maserati Quattroporte S.

240-246 REVIEW. Amusing material science: what is the car made of?

248-250 WORKING OUT. Mazda. Technical novelties.

252-255 PREMIERE. Сitroёn С3 Picasso.

256-258 History of Russian front wheel drive.

260-262 REVIEW. Airbags.

264-266 CONCEPT. Land Rover LRX Concept – four-place hybrid of crossover, hatchback and sport coupe.

268-270 TENDENCIES. Mercedes-Benz S400 Blue Hybrid – ancestor of hybrid Mercedes-Benz family.

272-275 INNOVATIONS, INVESTIGATIONS, INVENTIONS. Thermoelectrogenerator: free exhaust gas heat energy; fuel tank filling plug – smart enough to recognize gasoline or diesel refueling unit; Euro-6 by Bosch; fuel alcoholometer; electronic indicator of battery condition; hydrostatic way to recuperate energy in a car.


276-280 TEST-REPAIRING. UAZ Patriot: basic repair and service operations.

282 FORUM. Internet-clubs advise. Hyundai Accent.

284-286 TOOLS. Screw-drivers.

288-290 DIAGNOSTICS. Variator.


294-295 CONTEST.


296-300 RAID. Brake check. ZR team controls brake fluid humidity.

302 Federal task program. The International Congress on Traffic and Road Safety with participation of experts from 45 countries took place in St. Petersburg.

304-305 Beginner on the road. Problems of inexperienced drivers.

306-308 STOP LINE. Annual inspection – procedure to ensure road safety or sinecure for grafters?

310-311 PROBLEM. Parking. How much the abolition of paid parking improved the situation in the Moscow streets?

312-313 ZR INVESTIGATION. File of defective car return.

314-315 LETTER OF THE LAW. Vehicle registration procedure: new regulations.

316-317 EXAMINATION AT HOME. Overtaking.


318-323 INTERVIEW ON MONDIAL OF PARIS. Editor-in-chief of Za rulem magazine Petr Menshikh talks to Vadim Shvetsov, General Director of SOLLERS company; Philip G. Spender, Director and Executive Vice President of Mazda Motor Corporation; Thomas Hausch, Vice President International Sales of Chrysler LLC; Kazuharu Ichikawa, Project General Manager of Subaru Product Planning Group.

324 STATISTICS. Foreign car park in Russia.

326-328 REVIEW. Car crediting.

330 NEWS.

332-336 PROFESSION. Bridge builder.


338-342 Bus Mercedes-Benz Travego. Newest active and passive safety systems.

344-350 Exhibition IAA-2008. The international motor show in Hannover was extremely rich in premieres. The characteristic feature – abundance of preseries hybrid models. Low-floor bus Setra S 415 NF; hybrid concept of dump-truck Mitsubishi Canter Eco-D; VW Caddy 4Motion and VW PanAmericana; all wheel drive hood truck Mercedes Zetros on Actros chassis; fuel sparing Mercedes Vito BlueEFFICIENCY; GAZ Maxus; city bus MAN Lion’s City Hybrid; Irisbus-IVECO Hynovis.


352-353 RACE OF STARS ZA RULEM-2009. Prior pilots grid.

354-356 FORMULA 1. Cooperation between Ferrari and Shell.

358-351 CIRCUIT RACE WTCC. Russian trace.

362-363 CIRCUIT RACE NGSA. Autumn Russian stage.

364 RACES IN THE WORLD. Short review.



368-372 Lada Kalina, Opel Corsa OPC. Can Russian car tuned in private atelier battle with "manufacturer tuning" from Europe ? Test on Dmitrov proving ground.

374-375 INTERVIEW with Volker Mornhinweg, Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-AMG.

376-377 Jaguar XKR-S is excellent example of manufacturer tuning.


393-395 Prices of second-hand cars and new Russian brand cars.


396-403 ZA RULEM RECORD. Team of journalists beat the 20 years old record: with Volkswagen Passat they made 4535 km from Moscow to Lisbon in 43 hours.

406-410 LIVE CLASSICS. Lincoln Continental.

412-415 WORLD MUSEUM. Museum of Skoda plant: 100-year of Czech company history.

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