Английская версия декабрьского номера ЗР

Английская версия декабрьского номера ЗР

3 CLOSE-UP. Editor-in-chief’s message.

14-20 NEWS. Toyota Urban Cruiser, BMW C2, Caterham RS Levante, Mazda3, Mini E.


24-34 TEST. Hyundai Sonata, Brilliance M2, Volga Siber – American from Novgorod and Korean from Taganrog leave far behind "pure-blooded" Chinese: Brilliance is engineered and assembled well but still below the standards, Hyundai is simple and clear enough - good choice for slow driving, Volga –American car conception from 1990s combined with Russian tuning is in the lead with minimum points.

36-38 PRESENTATION. Nissan Qashqai+2. A main differences from a smaller one – two more seats and the other market place.

40-44 PRESENTATION. BMW 7-series. New Bavarian top model improves on many qualities and completely got rid of its monumentality which makes it more sporty and dynamic.

48-54 CAR FOR AN HOUR. Lexus Hybrids. Lexus LS600h, RX400h и GS450h – environmentally appropriate, prestigious coupled with less consumption.

50-52 BACKGROUND. Lada Kalina 1,4 и 1,6. Until now customers have a choice between modern and efficient 16-valve 1.4 L engine and proved in action and more tractable 8-valve 1.6 L.

54-58 PRESENTATION. Skoda Octavia: facelift and a moderate technical modernization with no impact on the prices.

60-72 TEST. Ford C-Max, Mazda5, Renault Scenic III, Citroen C4 Picasso. French makes are traditionally on a high level in the field of compact minivans unreachable for the other power-houses from Germany and Japan.

76-80 PRESENTATION. Opel Insignia. American elegance and German strictness in exterior of the new Opel top-model combined with progressive technological ideas - recipe for success on the market.

84-86 PRESENTATION. Ford Fiesta: lively car makes a party atmosphere.

88-90 OUR ACQUAINTANCE. Peugeot 4007: pure modern car – leisurable, roomy and comfortable.

98-106 TEST. Fiat 500, Mini Cooper S: stylish and fashionable retro-hatches create a favorable atmosphere of clear intercourse.

110-114 DIARY. Chrysler Crossfire SRT6: one hot week among three years of coexistence of Peter Menchikh and charged version of Chrysler Crossfire.

240-241 PRESENTATION. Mazda BT-50. Renewed pick-up became more economy and comfortable but didn’t loose its good off-road qualities.


120-125 FAMILY. Ford Focus.

154-158 DEALERS NEWS. SsangYong, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz.

132-134 FLEET ZR. Great Wall Deer D3.

136-140 AT LARGE. Mazda3.

142-146 VERSIONS. Hyundai Santa Fe from different markets.

148-152 REVIEW. Race cars on second market.

154-157 LITIGIOUS POINT. Guarantee on Peugeot.

158-169 MARKET ROW. Geely.


166-170 SPECIAL TEST. Is it possible to use SUVs with all-seasons tyres in winter? Most popular M+S tyres: Goodyear, Bridgestone, Yokohama opposite winter tyres.

180 PRESENTATION. Maxxis tyres.


182-187 TRENDS. Five most efficient means of reduction CO2 emissions. Technologies invented by Volvo, Ford, VW, Toyota, Peugeot.

192-193 PRESENTATION. Premiere of Toyota Avensis.

194-197 TECHNIS. Lada Revolution III.


198-202 TEST-REPAIRING. Kia Ceed: basic repair and service operations.

208 MAKING BEST. Renault Logan: addend rear seats for transportation of long-length cargo.

212 FORUM. Advices from Lancer Club.


220-224 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT. Illegal xenon light. Counterfeit gas-discharge lamps of downward beam could be dangerous for the other traffic.

228-229 PROVED IN ACTION. Is it possible to cheat alcohol detection device?


236-238 REVIEW. Crisis.

239 STATISTICS. Car market: sales decumulation or just a decrease of growth rates of demand?


242-246 UAZ Pick-up: what is market position of UAZ newcomer?

248-252 Mercedes-Benz Actros: detailed acquaintance with a well-known truck.

254-256 Volkswagen Multivan 4Motion: neither just a minivan, nor an all-road car yet.


262-264 WRC: triumphant climb of Sebastian Loeb.

266-267 RTCС: results of the season.

268-269 CARTING. Junior championship.

270-271 INTERVIEW. Receiving guests: well-known racer Alexander Vassiliev.


278-281 Dodge Ram SRT-10: American monster widen conception of a sport car.

282 ON THE PINNACLE OF THE FASHION. Authentic tuning kits for: Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7, Chevrolet Lanos, Lada Kalina и Smart Fortwo.


290-293 Prices on primary and second car markets.


294-297 EXPERIMENT. «Za Rulem» explosion. Are the car’s gas systems safe enough?

300-303 TRIP. Adventures of the four girls and Daewoo Matiz in the vast expanses of Siberia.

304-307 Polaris 800EFI: powerful off-road adrenalin generator.

308-311 Caravan Salon 2008: novelties from the first-rate exhibition of autocaravans.

312-317 LIVE CLASSICS. Delahaye135M – pure embodiment of the speed.

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