Английская версия январского номера ЗР

Английская версия январского номера ЗР

3 CLOSE-UP. Editor-in-chief’s message. How to wisely spend billion?

4-15 GRAND PRIX ZA RULEM 2009. Results of the All-Russian contest. Za Rulem readers chose best cars.

22-26 NEWS. Porsche Panamera, Nissan Cube, Conquest Knight XV, Toyota Venza, Mazda3.


28-36 TEST. Renault Symbol, Fiat Albea, Peugeot 206 Sedan. In a difficult economical environment lowcost notchbacks become a reasonable chose for a thrifty consumer. Peugeot: good fitting and spacious trunk is not enough yet to counterbalance worse riding qualities. Fiat shows well relationship between price, package and consumer appeal. At the same time renewed Renault Symbol declares himself as more hot-tempered in behavior and richer fitted.

38-40 OUR ACQUAINTANCE. Infinity FX35: interesting and very expensive virtual dream, targeted on young and active computer geniuses.

42-47 OUR ACQUAINTANCE. Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet. Solid, comfortable and balanced enough in qualities- all this changes if the roof is taken off.

48-52 BLITZ-TEST. Lada 21054 и Lada 21074 - hopelessly went out of date in the whole spectrum of qualities, but there are no market alternative – these cars are best sellers. How to choose lesser of two evils?

54-55 CAR FOR AN HOUR. Subaru Impreza 2,0 R Sport is not an outstanding sport car yet, but is still a nimble and comfortable notchback.

56-60 PRESENTATION. Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Commander. Just a few changes in engines and interior finishing make new Jeep generation more powerful and cozy without detriment to rewarding off-road capabilities.

64-66 PRESENTATION. Audi S4 – outstanding combination of comfort for every day, fuel economy and bright driving emotions.

68-70 OUR ACQUAINTANCE. Ford Escape – alumni of the classical school of crossovers of the last decade who didn’t loose light off-road qualities but found comfort and easy maneuverability of city car.

72-77 DIARY. Porsche Carrera 4. Two "sporty gentlemen" Porsche Carrera 4 and Peter Menchikh tried to please each other during a week of hot intercourse.

78-83 PROVED IN ACTION. Rally to France on Peugeot 308 – hard contest between diesel and gasoline engines of the novelty by Peugeot on the Russian and European roads.

84-89 HIGH CLASS. Audi Q7 V12 TDI Quattro: most powerful diesel car in the world. Its acceleration corresponds with its power but driving emotions are much brighter.





94-98 BUYING. Chevrolet Lacetti.

100-101 MARKET ROW. Hyundai i10. i20, i30, i70 и Genesis.

102-103 COST OF ACCIDENT. Prices of car repair after small road accidents on some popular city hatchbacks: Toyota Yaris, Opel Corsa, Peugeot 207, Hyundai Getz, Lada Kalina.

104-108 TEST-DRIVE. Citroen C5. Actor Dmitriy Marianov shares his impressions of a car.

110-113 FLEET ZR. Mazda BT-50, Chery Fora.

114-117 RAID. Dealer’s service Renault. Test on competence of service stations.

118-122 VERSIONS. Volkswagen Passat from different markets.


124-127 EXPERTISE. Triangular safety reflectors.

128-129 Winter tyres Pirelli Sottozero Serie II.

130-132 TEST. Are only stud tyres effective on ice?

134-136 EXPERTISE. Washer fluid.

138-140 ON-BOARD ELECTRONIC. Tyre pressure control systems. Adapters.


142-147 REVIEW. Variety of hybrid cars.

148-149 PROSPECTION. Renault Vel Satis.

150-151 MEASURED BY ZR. Speed. Methods of max speed metering.

152-153 PREMIERE. SEAT Exeo. How to build a brand new model just in 2 years?

158-159 GRASPING. Aerodynamic.


160-163 TEST-REPAIRING. Peugeot 206: basic repair and service operations.

166 MAKING BEST. Lada Kalina.

168-171 IN DETAILS. Volkswagen Golf V.

172-173 QUIZ.

182-185 PROFESSION. Aid on the roads.


172-174 FEDERAL ROADS. Road network developing: projects, budgets, implementation.

177 LETTER OF THE LAW. Drunkenness requires adjustment.

178-179 Innovations in the field of passive safety from BMW.

180-180 QUIZ.


186-191 TEST. Fiat Ducato и LDV Maxus. Fiat is engineered well and designed good enough but still far from LDV.

192-193 Setra S 416 HDH. Liner created in the name of comfort.


194-196 F-1. Premium sport is rejuvenating.

197 PORTRAIT. 50th anniversary of the famous racer, repeated Russian and Soviet champion Victor Kozankov.

198-199 RUSSIAN RACERS ABROAD. Russian racers are traditionally strong in the second-rate sport divisions but unfortunately insufficiently presented in such popular classes as closed-circuit races and rally.


202-205 Alfa-Romeo 159. Muscle version by Alfa Racing could be the best alternative for the fastest version GTA which became a thing of the past.

206 QUIZ.

207 ON THE PINNACLE OF THE FASHION. Authentic tuning kits for: Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, Mitsubishi Lancer X.


212-213 Prices on primary and second car markets.


214-219 NEW YEAR IN ZA RULEM STYLE. Championship of sacred cow. What is the fastest way in the New Year’s Moscow: by car, by foot or by public transport?

220-223 ADVENTURE. From Germany to Mongolia on Trabant.

224-225 XII Old-timer gallery.

226-230 LIVE CLASSICS. Nash Ambassador Custom Airflyte.

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