Английская версия августовского номера ЗР

Английская версия августовского номера ЗР

3 CLOSE-UP. Editor-in-chief’s message.

14-20 NEWS. Dacia Logan, Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback, Faster One, Ford Ranger Wildtrak. Exhibitions of the month; future racetrack Eurasia-Autodrom-Domodedovo; segway safety; heat-sensitive road marking. Presentation of BMW 7 series in Moscow.


26-36 TEST. Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forester, Citroёn C-Crosser, Honda CR-V. Toyota RAV4 pleases by good dynamics, nice interior and handy luggage rack, but grieves by narrowness of the rear seats, jolting on road irregularities and middling observability. Subaru Forester, on the contrary, is distinguished by good observability, spacious saloon and comfort on bad roads, but it loses in interior finishing, luggage rack dimensions and steerability. Citroёn C-Crosser is pretty right for travelling: it has spacious saloon and luggage rack with large transformation possibilities, great road clearance, excellent brakes. But it is too sensitive to road roughness. Honda CR-V combines well cross-over capabilities with thought-out settings of passenger car: it is comfortable, spacious and very responsive car.

38-39 CAR FOR AN HOUR. Three-doors version of Chevrolet Aveo suits well for young ladies and inveterate egoists.

40-48 TEST. Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer 4x4. Subaru Impreza has too much antagonisms for cult car, and as "everyday" car it is missing of easement. Four wheel drive transmission does not give to Mitsubishi Lancer a key advantage vs its rivals. It is a rational average car with quite good exterior look.

50-54 PRESENTATION. Hyundai Genesis looks stately, offers comfort to the driver and to the passengers, has good equipment and is ready to compete with most serious rivals in luxury segment.

56-60 PRESENTATION. New Skoda Superb neared the prestigious premium brands models not only in terms of finishing quality, base equipment and technical solutions, but also in price.

62 CAR FOR AN HOUR. Renault Laguna III is quite different from its predecessor. Especially impressive are corner controllability and interior finishing.

64-68 PRESENTATION. Mercedes-Benz A-class, B-class: versatile talented family cars. The first is more suitable in city, the second is well fitted for long trips.

70-71 PRESENTATION. 7-seats Peugeot 308 SW can be classified between station wagons and comfortable minivans.

72-73 PRESENTATION. Renewed Daewoo Nexia N150 assured for itself the strong position in popular car segment for next several years.

76-78 PRESENTATION. Audi A3 – car without restrictions in sexe, age and temper.

80-84 PRESENTATION. Nissan Teana – alloy of good engines, comfortable suspension, rich interior and reasonable price.

86-88 PRESENTATION. Renault Koleos – good balance between passability, comfort, capacity and price.

90-94 PORTRAIT ON THE GROUND. Ford Focus 2004 and 2008 model year. Restyled popular car acquired new equipment but not gratis, and some of its "children diseases" remain uncured.

96-99 PRESENTATION. Mazda CX-9 – a big American four-by-four car with European price.

102-104 PROVED IN ACTION. Ssang Yong Rexton and Ssang Yong Kyron with diesel engines passed the strong examination of 600 km trip on the roads and without them from Perm to Ekaterinbourg.

108-110 PRESENTATION. Lada Kalina Sport: tuned version of the popular hatchback is produced in AvtoVAZ.

114-121 HIGH CLASS. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster: mad power of racing car in civilian package.


124-125 Overseas car. Trip in America for the dream car.

126 DIALOGUE ON FIRST WEDNESDAY. Editor-in-chief’s Internet conference selected quotes.

127-128 YOU WROTE. Readers’ letters, articles discussion.


130-132 FAMILY. UAZ Patriot.

134-138 DEALERS NEWS. Honda Accord, BYD F3-R. Interview with Vladimir Mojenkov, Managing Director of Audi Center Taganka. OPENED. GOOD DEAL.

140-143 RAID. How to attract car buyer? Gifts and discounts.

144-145 ZR’S CAR PARK. Lada Kalina.

146 ZR’S CAR PARK. Volkswagen Passat.

148-151 Market of accidental and confiscated cars.

152-155 IN DETAILS. Mazda 6 (2002-2007): choice and use.

156-161 DEGUSTATION. ZR’s readers test KIA Opirus and KIA Cee’d made in Kalinigrad on Russian and Polish roads.


162-165 TEST. How tire braking distance changes with road temperature.

166-170 ELECTRONICS ON BOARD – TENDENCIES. Last 50 years evolution of car audio systems.


174-177 EXAMINATION. Cheap spark plugs for VAZ cars.

178-180 REVIEW. Anti hi-jack systems.


182-183 BMW 7 series: return of the style.

184-189 IVECO Massif – modern interpretation of the legendary Landrover Defender conception.

190-191 Mazda – new tendencies in design.

192-195 INNOVATIONS, INVESTIGATIONS, INVENTIONS. Tissue revetment of car body; new ESP module; individual dashboard configuration; multipurpose driving gear for auxiliary engine equipment; independent suspension for heavy trucks.

196 PARTICULAR OPINION. Do we need electrical cars?

198-201 CONCEPTS Peugeot: 308RCZ, 20Cup, RC, 907, 908RC.


202-205 TEST-REPAIRING. Toyota Auris: basic repair and service operations.

206-208 MAKING BEST. Alternator VAZ-2110 on Zhiguli.

210-212 WORKSHOP. Car safety inspection – Israel experience.

214 AVTOVAZ specialists answer the readers’ questions.


216-217 CONTEST.

218 FORUM. Internet-clubs advise. Daewoo.


220-222 LEGAL EXPERT ANSWERS. Automatic video registration of driving offences: how it works.

224-225 DIRECT LINE. The readers’ questions answered by chief of OBDD MVD RF department, police lieutenant-general Victor Kirianov.

226-227 ZR INVESTIGATION. How to receive damages from company whose driver caused car accident.

228 New alcohol testing rules.


230-232 MADE IN RUSSIA. Projects for the Peugeot, Citroёn and Mitsubishi plant in Kaluga region. Interview with Osamu Masuko, President and General Manager of Mitsubishi Motors; Gilles Michel, head of Citroёn; Jean-Philippe Collin, Managing Director of Peugeot.

234 MADE IN RUSSIA. Opening of the Hyundai Motor plant in Saint-Petersbourg.

236-240 REVIEW. Car spare parts production in Russia.

242-245 PROFESSION. Pizza driver.


246-248 Renewed IVECO Eurocargo – medium load truck with long distance truck potential.

250-254 Peugeot Partner – lightweighе goods wagon and spacious passenger van.

256-262 EXHIBITION Buildings technics and technology. Saddle heavy series trucks Professional by Turkish company ВМС; all wheels drive dump-truck Tatra T815-290S8T; special equipment by Chinese company LiuGong; bucket truck hydrolift AP-12 on Hyundai Porter chassis; Italian multipurpose caterpillar carrier ET RR-600; American multipurpose loader Bobcat T2250; electric version of Japanese mini-excavator Takeuchi TB 125E; Danish woodcutting machine Silvatec Sleipner 8266 TH; truck mixer lorry ABS-12K on KamAZ-65201 chassis; truck crane Ivanovets KS-54712; conveyor belt Telebelt TB 39/130 on Mack MR 688R chassis.

263 NEWS. Defense Vehicle Dynamics – military cars show in UK.


266-268 FORMULA 1. In the middle of the season: no leadership for the moment.

270-272 CIRCUIT RACES. Russian championship: disorder and hesitation.

274-276 WTCC: Czech stage surpises.

278-279 RUSSIANS ABROAD. Progress and prospect of Russian pilots in Renault serie.

280 RACES IN THE WORLD. Short review.

282-287 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF’S CUP. On karting circuit the ZR team met the teams of leading automotive brands presented on Russian market.


288-290 BMW M: test of Bavarian top-model cars – М3, М6 и М5 Touring.


308-310 Prices of second-hand cars and new Russian-brand cars.


312-316 LIVE CLASSICS. Jaguar E-Type.

318-321 TRAVEL. Iceland.

322-325 EXPERIMENT. What fuel except petrol is acceptable for car engine?

326-329 AFTER MATCH. Euro-2008 final: people, roads, cars.

330 ARENA DRIVE: alloy of tuning show, sporty extreme, drag racing and music of quality. The festival took place on Toushino aerofield in Moscow.

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