Английская версия октябрьского номера ЗР

Английская версия октябрьского номера ЗР

3 CLOSE-UP. Editor-in-chief’s message.

22–30 NEWS. Honda Jazz, Suzuki Alto, Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon, Peugeot 308 CC, Ford Ka, Jetstream Extreme SC250. Exhibitions of the month.


34–44 TEST. Peugeot 407, Renault Laguna, Citroёn C5 — three French novelties on the Russian market. Advantages of the Peugeot 407 — comprehensible maneuverability, capacious luggage rack, comfortable front seats, much place for rear passengers; disadvantages — mediocre visibility, poor geometric passability. Renault Laguna attracts by powerful engine, good chassis tune-up, but modest luggage rack capacity and cramped rear seat reduce the score. Citroёn C5 — elegant, typically French car with decent comfort level and adjustable road clearance. Weak points — mediocre visibility and cramped rear seat. 46–50 PROVED IN ACTION. Volkswagen Tiguan — crossover in style unisex: technical features will attract men, design and additional equipment — women. 52–53 CAR FOR AN HOUR. Hyundai Elantra XD is Elantra sedan of model year 2003, assembling in Taganrog. Principal advantage is the price: from 450 000 to 490 000 rubles. 54–58 NAVIGATION. We tested a Volvo navigation system for Russia: for the moment the price dominates over the functionality. 60–64 OUR ACQUAINTANCE. Renault Clio Sport — charged but foolproof. Main characteristics of the new Clio Sport are fairly rigid suspension, good sound damping and pensive at low revs engine. 66–68 OUR ACQUAINTANCE. Lexus ISF — elegant sedan and really sporty car. 70–73 DIARY. A week with Audi R8 Quattro. 74–78 OUR ACQUAINTANCE. Сhrysler Sebring cabrio undoubtedly will be interesting for the people who choose by heart but wouldn’t pay extra. 80–81 CAR FOR AN HOUR. Opel Astra DTH is ready to satisfy a demanding driver without important fuel consumption. 82–86 SPECIAL TEST. Test of Michelin Energy Saver, Vredestein Sportrac 3 and Hi-Trac tires. Evaluation of durability and grip changes after 60-hours «Za rulem» car test. 88–96 TEST. Infinity G37S, Audi A5. Infinity G37S is heavy but has powerful engine, quick automatic gearbox and «sporty» suspension. Audi A5 3,2 FSI Quattro distinguishes by low noise level, very good brakes, excellent ergonomics. Main disadvantage — additional equipment is too expensive. 98–110 TEST ON NORDSCHLEIFE. Alpina B3 biturbo allrad and B6S. Za rulem tested the last models of Alpina on the Nord loop of the legendary Nurburgring track. B3 surpasses B6S in driving pleasure-price ratio. However, the both demonstrated impressive sporty performance, proved by our measurements. 112 CAR FOR AN HOUR. Peugeot 207 1.4 2-tronic. Robotized gearbox will save an inexperienced driver and enjoy a lazy. 116–126 TEST. Daewoo Nexia, Geely MK, Lada Priora. The restyling just aggravated age-specific problems of the Daewoo Nexia. This car needs a serious technical modernization. Geely MK by exterior promises more that it can do. Nevertheless, the progress is visible. However, there are many improvements to work out. The equipment of the Lada Priora become better, but assembly quality, alas, rests invariable. 130–137 HIGH CLASS. Dodge Viper SRT-10. This car is made for real men — it is a personification of brute force not restrained by electronic systems. COURIER

138–139 Cacophony. Problem of loud music in the car. 140 DIALOGUE ON FIRST WEDNESDAY. Editor-in-chief’s Internet conference selected quotes. 142–143 YOU WROTE. Readers’ letters, articles discussion. CAR MARKET

144–156 EXHIBITIONS. ММАS-2008. This year Moscow international motor show didn’t promise great premieres, however almost every big car manufacturer near his «market offers» presented a new car model or a concept. Plenty of world premieres is a redundant proof the Russian market to become one of the most prospective markets in Europe and in the world. 158–162 MARKET ROW. Mercedes-Benz A-classe и B-classe: positions and perspectives on Russian market. 164–170 FAMILY. Chevrolet Aveo. 172–176 DEALERS NEWS. Suzuki Grand Vitara; Lifan Breez; Infinity EX; Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X; Volkswagen Tiguan; UAZ Hunter diesel. OPENED. GOOD DEAL. 178–181 LITIGIOUS POINT. Ford Fiesta’s Series of Unfortunate Events. U.S. Impeks. 184–190 ZR’S CAR PARK. Renault Logan, Ford Focus II, Lada Kalina. 192–195 IN DETAILS. Nissan X-Trail (2001–2007): choice and use. 196–200 VERSIONS. Subaru Forester from different markets. 202–206 CAR TRAILERS. Review of Russian and foreign models. 208–210 RARITIES. Auctions of the old-timers in Germany. 212–214 USEFUL OPTIONS. Additional equipment of the car. COMPONENTS

216–222 EXAMINATION. Gas combustible. 224–225 PRESENTATION. Non-studdable tires Continental. 226–227 PRESENTATION. Non-studdable tire Nokian Hakkapeliitta R. 228–230 TEST. Oil additive (we continue to test Suprotec). 232–245 TEST. Studdable tires 195/65R15 and non-studdable 205/55R16. 19 models. 246 EXAMINATION. Economizer. 247 Bilstein shock-absorbers. 248–250 ELECTRONICS ON BOARD. Head-Up-Display. 252 ELECTRONICS ON BOARD. Novelties. 254 NEW GOODS. TECHNICS

256–260 NOVELTIES. Future of spark plugs; «ecological» accelerator pedal with feedback; easytronic will be easier; interchangeable power modules for buses and trucks; car sound synthesizer to prevent accidents with pedestrians. 262–264 Prospect of Nissan. Electric and lightweight combustion engines. 266–267 CONCEPT. Opel Meriva: multifunctionality and universality. 268–271 PRESENTATION. Audi A8 Security. Factory armoring. 272–273 NEED TO UNDERSTAND. How a car behaves in ruts? REPAIR AND SERVICE

274–278 TEST-REPAIRING. Honda Civic: basic repair and service operations. 280–283 MAKING BEST. UAZ Patriot. Cooling system improvement. Test during the trip Moscow-Astrakhan-Moscow. 284–286 MAKING BEST. GAZ-31105 heater. 288 WORKSHOP. Engine: jamming. 290–291 TRICKS AND TIPS. Relationship between client and service center. 292–293 DIAGNOSTICS. Timing and auxiliary belts. 294 FORUM. Internet-clubs advise. Samand. 295 SPECIAL TOOLS. Lada Samara: suspension and throttling unit service. 296–297 CONTEST. 298 EXPERIENCED OWNERS ADVISE. SAFETY

300–301 LEGAL EXPERT ANSWERS. Relationship between car owner and car evacuation employments. 302–303 DIRECT LINE. The readers’ questions answered by chief of OBDD MVD RF department, police lieutenant-general Victor Kirianov. 304 PERSONAL OPINION. Violence on the road. 306–307 NEW RULES. Amendments in the Code of Administrative Offenses concerning new alcohol testing rules and automatic fixing of traffic offences. How it works? 308–311 STOP LINE. Proxy card — vestige or necessity? 312–314 ROADS IN RUSSIA. Projects of reconstruction of the route М1 Minsk. ECONOMICS

318–328 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF INTERVIEW. Boris Aleshin, president of JSC AVTOVAZ group. Ikuo Mori, president and CEO of Fuji Heavy Industries. Reinhard Jung, chairman of the board of Skoda Auto. Jochem Heizmann, member of the board of management of Volkswagen AG. Mike O’Driscoll, managing director of Jaguar Cars. 330–331 NEW TENDENCY. Moscow city administration announced a program supporting compact and fuel saving cars’ owners. 332–334 REVIEW. Custom control of foreign cars import. TRUCKS

336–340 Nissan NP300 — pickup with off-road capability. 342–348 MAN. Company production — trucks and buses. 350 NEWS. Garbage truck Renault Hybris with hybrid engine. Road marking remover (hydroblaster) based on Volvo FM-420. 352–356 Dongfeng: products review. 358–362 MIMS-2008: trucks review. SPORT

366 ENDURANCE RACES. Where appear our marathon pilots? 368–370 FORMULA 1. Reasons of actual world champion problems. 372–376 WRC. Mikko Hirvonen. 378–379 ACCOUNTANT. How much cost monoclass competitions. 380 RALLY Logan Cup. Russian budget rally. 383–384 RACES IN THE WORLD. Short review. TUNING

386–388 Rolf Performance Mitsubishi by Car Research&Development. 390–392 Porsche 356 Speedster S. 394 ON THE PINNACLE OF THE FASHION. News. ZR PRICES

414–416 Prices of second-hand cars and new Russian brand cars.


418–423 EXPERIMENT. Brake parachute for a car. 424–428 ANNIVERSARY. 100 years of Ford model T. 430–432 Euro Camp Jeep — annual meeting of all wheel drive cars owners patronized by Chrysler. 434–435 World ocean race — Volvo Ocean Race. 436–438 TRAVEL. Tiksi. 440–441 «Special Purpose Garage». Memoirs of Brejnev’s driver. 442–444 Parking places — the most unusual in the world. 446–450 LIVE CLASSICS. ZiS-110. 452–455 Auto-moto bikini — festival of exclusive cars and motorbikes escorted by girls in bikini. GRAND PRIX ZA RULEM 2009

458–466 The readers elect the car of the year. Introduction article. Illustrated catalog. Vote form.

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